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Take a peek into my sewing room: Bookcase fabric covers

By Serena Nabeta | March 12, 2008

Click the video player to view the tour of my sewing room. It may take a few minutes to load. For those of you with a dial-up connection, you can “view” the tour by reading my description below.
This is a series on sewing room organization and storage, complete with videos! Over the next few weeks, I’ll share ideas for fabric stash organizing, thread storage and cataloging embroidery designs. Be sure to visit my blog every week or sign up for my newsletter for the latest issue!
I’d love to hear the many ways you organize and store things in your sewing room, so leave a comment with your favorite sewing room ideas!

Because I have my fabric stored on shelves in an open bookcase, I needed to create some kind of cover to keep my fabric clean, keep it from fading and keep it hidden at times. The fabric covers I made are just like roman shades. They pull up with a cord, bunch at the top when open and then are let down by releasing the cord. I really enjoy them because I don’t have open doors in my way when I’m looking through my fabric.

My fabric covers are made from 100% Kona cotton fabric. It is a double layer of fabric to provide great durability. The width of the cover is the width of the bookcase plus a seam on each side. With wrong sides together, I stitched the two side seams and then turned the fabric to the outside and edge stitched the two sides to finish the sides of the cover.

The length of the cover is the height of the bookcase plus several inches for attaching to the top and 10-15 inches for the rod pockets. There are five rod pockets for the length of the cover. The pockets are 1 1/4″, which means that I needed an additional 2 1/2″ for each rod pocket.

A flat wooden rod that is 3/4″ – 1″ wide easily fits into each rod pocket. The wooden rods give the fabric support as it is pulled up and let down. The wooden rods are slightly shorter than the width of the cover.

On the back of the cover, on each rod pocket, I stitched a 1/2″ plastic ring. There are three rings spaced out on each pocket: one in the middle and one on each side. These are just hand tacked to the back of the rod pocket only, not through the pocket or the rod would not be able to be inserted. In addition to the rings being on each pocket, they are also at the very top of the cover.

The plastic rings guide and hold the cording in place. There are three rows of cording. One row of cording through each set of rings down the length of the cover. The cording is securely knotted in the bottom ring and then strung through each ring going straight up the cover to the top.

At the top the cording joins together to one side and needs a very secure knot to hold the three rows of cording together. I placed a cord holder on the side of my bookcase to wrap the cord around to hold open the cover. All I have to do is release the cords and my cover will drop back down to cover my fabric.

The cover is attached to the bookcase by overlapping the fabric several inches on top of the bookcase and then stapling the fabric to the wood. It works great!!

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Click here for printable directions.

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3 Responses to “Take a peek into my sewing room: Bookcase fabric covers”

  1. bagearls Says:
    March 12th, 2008 at 1:46 pm

    I love your site it is so helpful to me

  2. sueb8952@earthlink.net Says:
    March 13th, 2008 at 12:49 am

    I probably have 300 yards of fabric. I have been donating some yardage to the ladies making lap quilts and pillows for the cancer patients at MD Anderson Medical Center in Houston. (Can’t remember the name of the organization.) The lady who makes most of the lap quilts was 100 years old March 4th. She is a true inspiration

  3. 47lilpolock Says:
    October 2nd, 2008 at 4:19 pm

    What a terrific idea! I have many bookcases and shelves in my sewing room and this will work just great. Thanks so much for your site. Also, I also hate to throw away my scrap batting. Thanks for the ideas.

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