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Latte Quilt Lessons on DVD – 8 Disc Set + Bonus CD!

By Serena Nabeta | October 11, 2011

The Latte Quilt Lessons on DVD are up and coming! Pre-order now for a special discounted price of $129.99! Sets will start shipping November 1st!

The Latte Quilt is an embroidered quilt pattern that is a timeless heirloom with its elegant embroidery and decorative stitches. Although Kerrie Hay provides instructions in her book, the Latte Quilt, for completing the project, it’s always helpful to stitch the quilt as someone is leading you through it step-by-step. This DVD is an additional tool to her book to give you the confidence to complete this quilt. Every area of creating the quilt will be covered, from picking out fabrics to the quilting, binding and label!

Fabric cutting and preparation.
Print embroidery templates.
Easy hooping techniques.
Embroidery design stitching tips and placement.
Helpful hints for decorative stitches.

This series of 12 lessons consists of written handouts with clear illustrations in addition to step-by-step instructions on DVD to assist you in completing this quilt project! Plus revised embroidery designs with added placement stitches making it simple to stitch each block!

Anyone from a novice to advanced machine embroider will find it easy to stitch this quilt with these lessons! If you’ve found this quilt intimidating before, fear no longer! With Serena’s onscreen directions showing you how to complete each step, you’ll be stitching block after block in no time!

As an added bonus, discover Serena’s favorite products for machine embroidery and her own tips and techniques she has learned. You will gain loads of information that you can use with many other projects.

After teaching two online Latte Quilt classes and many requests from you, I’m making available to you the exact same lessons on DVD!! You will have access to everything on this series of 8 DVDs just as though you were taking the class! Plus you’ll also receive a bonus cd with ALL my written instructions that you can print for yourself AND my revised embroidery designs for the quilt with added placement stitches! In addition to all that, this set also includes Kerrie Hay’s Latte Quilt Book and embroidery cd! You’ll have all the tools you need to complete the quilt!

Pre-order now for a special discounted price of $129.99! Sets will start shipping November 1st! Order your copy before the November 1st deadline to save $50! Sets will ship in the order received.

Set includes:
8 DVD discs with onscreen videos
Bonus cd with written instructions & revised embroidery designs
Latte Quilt book & original embroidery cd

Get your Latte Quilt DVD set today and start stitching!


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