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Guess what?!

By Serena Nabeta | January 12, 2012

Yes, it’s still coming — a new quilt class. Among the everyday business of life, it’s just taken a bit longer to get things together than I’d planned.

This new quilt is called Floral Elegance. It’s a beautiful set of designs that I am confident you will enjoy stitching. The embroidery design collection can be found here. And the original quilt as designed by Judy Nowicki is shown below.

This is the original design. However, I am making some changes. Big surprise, huh? ;) I am inserting a center medallion, enlarging the entire quilt, adding a few decorative stitches and moving design elements around a bit. Therefore, the designing process is taking a bit longer than my desire, but it is getting there. Below I have a few photos from what I’ve stitched and am still in the process of designing.

I am stitching my blocks on ivory satin in shades of purple, but of course, you can choose your own fabric and colors. I’ve stitched this block on fairy frost fabrics which I absolutely love using and it’s just as beautiful!

The class start date is March 1st! All the class info with fabric requirements, kits, schedule, etc. will be available by February 1st. As with my previous online classes, this will be a monthly class that will take a year to complete. You’ll learn more valuable stitching techniques in addition to creating another heirloom quilt to add to your collection!

So mark your calendar for March 1st to being a brand new and exciting quilt!


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