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Bernina Webinars

By Serena Nabeta | October 26, 2011

Wow! I’m amazed at what Internet technology allows us to do! Did you know that Bernina offers webinars on their website teaching you about different techniques on embroidery software, different models of machines and lots of different projects?!?!?! Do you know that that means? You can sit at home, in front of your computer and learn new stuff that your software or machine can do!! Yay!!! In fact, right now, I’m listening/watching a embroidery software lesson on applique–it’s great!

Now, the software and machine classes are showing you techniques and features on Bernina machines, but many of the same functions are very similar to other machines, so even if you don’t own a Bernina, you can still gain from watching these webinars. You can see the list of webinars being offered at berninausa.com and you’ll receive the latest news if you’re signed up for Bernina’s newsletter list. One of the even greater things is that these webinars are usually scheduled for one day, but at several times that day. AND they are live! Which means as you are watching and a question pops in your mind?? Simply use the email link in the webinar window and ask your question! How great is that?!

But sometime those times don’t always match our schedules or you’ve registered and it’s totally slipped your mind until 50 minutes already into the webinar! So, guess what?! Those webinars are archived for two weeks to two months on Bernina’s website so you can watch them later at a time that works better for you!

And the even better thing about these webinars? I can watch those while I’m doing something else! Ummm, hmmm….if you’re a multi-tasker (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), it’s a perfect solution for squeezing one more thing you want to do into a day!

Isn’t the online world great?!


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