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And after a long summer break…

By Serena Nabeta | September 26, 2011

….yes, I’m back! :) I know, you’ve probably been wondering just where I’ve disappeared to after the past few months! I ended up taking a longer break after getting married in May than I originally planned. And THANK YOU for all the wonderful, sweet, concerned emails inquiring just what happened to me! I truly appreciate your care and concern. And I’m truly sorry for not staying in touch quite as much as I should have over the last couple of months. But now….I’m married, moved and back in business…..:)

A quick update over the last couple of months….May was an exciting month, of course! I was thrilled to be marrying my husband, Luke, on the 21st. What an incredibly, fast and wonderful, exciting day! Then we flew to Hawaii for a week for our honeymoon, which was a fun-filled journey! Next up? We packed up ALL my stuff (business and office included), drove to Colorado and then unpacked it all. And then I spent weeks really, truly unpacking. But that was a fun process! :)

And now, what you’re really wanting to see? I know, wedding photos. :) Keep scrolling. You’ll see them. :)

I know you’ve all been wondering about classes and when I’m going to start the next quilt class. I’m getting final details together on that and will be making an announcement in the next couple of weeks. Also, the Latte Quilt class DVD is just about ready, so stay tuned for that as well. I know you’re waiting and it’s coming…..soon, soon, soon! :)

And now….for pics…..here you go! Enjoy! :)

Oh….one more thing. Name change. Still the same person whether you are seeing Serena Smith or Serena Nabeta. ;)

Getting ready….:)

Outside park photos! :)

My adorable flower girls and ring bearer!

Bridal party

Yes, we were happy. Very happy!

Photo credit to Heartland Photography.


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