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Rulers & Templates: Stay in place!

Create Your Own Plastic Templates

Quilting Rulers: What size should I buy?

Quilting Rulers: What is the best brand?

Titanium Needles: What are the advantages?

A Quick Way to Safety Pin Quilts

Open or Closed Foot for Free Motion Quilting

Quilting Tools You Might Need

Putting the Quilt Top, Batting & Backing Together

What do you do when...

Pressing & Ironing: What's the Difference?

Organize Your Sewing Room with Zip-Lock Bags

Reusing Dull Thread Scissors

Framing Quilt Blocks, Fabric & Embroidery Designs

Wrinkle Free Quilt Backing

Fussy Cutting Applique Embroidery Designs

Applique Embroidery Designs

Preventing Puckered Satin Stitches

Unraveling Satin Stitches

Quilt Sleeve Triangles

Attaching a Sleeve to Your Quilt

Just a Drop of Oil

Unwanted Fabric: How do you get rid of it?

Fabric Buying: How many yards should I buy?

How did that satin appear?

Trying to Create Embroidery Flops

Rotary Cutting Safety Tips

Pre-washing Without Tangles

What is the benefit of starch?

Make do with what you have!

Why add interfacing?

Duplicate Applique Patterns in Seconds

Necessary Scissors

Batting: That Stuff in my Quilt

Not My Best Table Runner!

Your Machine Needs Cooling Down

Take Out the Curls

Fleece & Berber Tips for Embroidery

My First Issue of SewNews

Pillow Sizes & Fillers

Pillow Fillers: The Good & Bad

Different Ruffles

The Best Ruffled Pillows

Doves of Inspiration

Discover New Ideas

Stippling Techniques

Shrinking Fabric Smarts

What is Stippling?

Good News for Old Needles

Fabric Flawed Blanket Inspires Creativity

Baby Blanket Ideas

Quick Baby Receiving Blankets

!!!!!! is the Keyboard Definition of Excitement

"Rule" on Clipping Jump Threads

Protect Your Fabric Collection

Thread Quality?






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